Septic System Install

A professional, certified, licensed septic installer will carry out the most effective program to implement your septic system based on your specific needs.

Safety for your family's health, safety for the health of the environment and safety for our employees are our top concerns when installing a septic system.

To facilitate the proper design,  a percolation test needs to be completed to identify the water absorption capability of the soils. Results from this test are expressed as the rate in minutes of which one inch of water is absorbed. Let All In One save your back and dig the perc holes for you. We dig three holes in the proposed leach field area for this test.

One example of a perc hole.

"Tanks shall be deemed as clean when all organic solids are removed"

The depth and distance of a leach field requires excavation. Excavations are recognized as one of the most hazardous construction operations. All In One is familiar and comfortable with working with excavation equipment. Prior to excavation, all utilities are located and marked. If excavation is near walking areas, proper fences and signs are put into place during digging operations.

Installing the Tank

There is nothing like swinging 8600 pounds over your head first thing in the morning. This work is not for the faint of heart! Good communication between the operator and the installer is critical. The tank must be set level to facilitate proper distribution of effluent from the tank to the leach field

Safety First

Childproof risers using crossed re-bars.

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