Septic System Inspections

We inspect your septic system during every pump-out to ensure that it is working properly and to recommend when the septic tank should be pumped.

The certified professionals of All In One will do a thorough inspection of your entire system and will visually inspect the interior of the tank. We check for cracked pipes and the condition of the tees or baffles.

Observations of any unusual conditions include high or low liquid level, run-back from the leachfield, lush vegetation and or/sewage overflows. Any satisfactory conditions and the recommended actions will be communicated to the homeowner.

Inspections Include:

  • Locating the system: if the access to your tank is buried, we can still find your septic system. An easy indicator is to start looking in the basement or crawl space to determine the direction the sewer pipe goes out of the house.
  • Uncovering the manhole and inspection ports.
  • Checking connections.
  • Measuring the scum and sludge layers.
  • Checking the tank and the drainfield/leachfield.

For mortgage transaction we also conduct the following:

  • Flow test: This test simulates normal septic usage and enables our septic technician to observe proper sewer drainage into the septic tank. Running every plumbing fixture in the house for approximately 15 minutes, we introduce approximately 100 gallons of water into the sewer line.
  • Identify clean-outs.
  • Assess the age of the septic system.
  • Identify domestic water supplies in relation to the septic system.
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