When choosing a plumbing contractor to care for your home or business, important factors must be taken into consideration. While a plumber can be licensed or accredited by an organization, the true value lies in the talent, training and experience of technicians. After all, it's the technician who will be performing the installation or maintenance of your plumbing system.

Buddy Crater


Human connection - the most satisfying part of my business and career. Being invited into treasured homes and prized businesses to keep infrastructure performing to protect public health and safety is my passion. Once accused of having magical plumbing powers, I chose the magician name "Buddy the Boss of Whiz-bang Wizardry". The geographically furthest I have taken my plumbing skills is San José, Costa Rica, Central America. However the heights and depth of my knowledge will never be complete. I approach each day curious to discover what I will learn and do. I am happiest spending time with family. My wife and I are stalwart advocates of spirited, spur-of-the-moment, compulsory family outings.


Chris Bowers


As I grow-up I want to recognize and seize opportunities, for myself, my wife, my customers, and my employer. In this moment I am fixated on getting the things I want. #1 on that list is working and pursuing a career in a field that is needed, #2 is achieving that feeling of accomplishment when a project is completed and works correctly. My favorite time is spent with my wife and watching football; my rewards for moving to a new town and creating a new future.

Andrew Ortegon


My friends call me "Orto." I'm a plumber because I like to solve problems. Finding out more, setting a course for a solution by design and not by default is the kind of success I seek. Born and raised in Laramie, I value my community and am thankful for my upbringing. I know that you learn the most when you’re out on the edge; I once drank milk a week past its expiration date. My friends are my family and only if vigorously forced I would sing "Eye of The Tiger" at Karaoke night.




Alex Hill


My name is Alex, also known as "Hilly". My favorite thing about my career is helping people in need, I have been in commercial plumbing for 1+ years. I am the happiest when I am fly-fishing. The lives of my future children is what motivates me to work hard. I once moved to Florida with no planned place to live. If you caught me at karaoke night I would be rockin' out to Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC. I most identify with Santiago from the Alchemist. I wanted to grow up to be an NFL football player but I ended up playing 4 years of college baseball. My dad is my hero and if I were to start a business it would be built on honesty, communication and hard work

Keith Menzel


Born and raised in Minnesota, I can't help but pronounce a few words in a way that makes people laugh. Fishing, grandfather, fishing with grandfather, and grandfather - when I'm happiest, my hero, my favorite memory and now my favorite title. I see a pattern here. Family is very important to Keith, and to say he treats his customers like family is no lie. He will explain your system thoroughly, and help you manage your plumbing and septic systems so you can spend time with your family instead of working on the "To-Do" list.