The sooner you fix a leaking faucet, the faster you cut down on water waste – and those small drips can add up to a tremendous amount of water over a period of time. Along with the amount of water being wasted, unless you're on well water, your monthly water bill will be more than necessary, so you're wasting your hard earned money as well. A faucet should operate smoothly and shut 100% of the water off with minimal effort. 


The method used for fixing a faucet will depend on whether it has one or two handles for hot and cold water control. We offer all brands of faucets and carry Wolverine Brass Faucets. Wolverine warrants the original purchaser of their faucets will be drip-free for 100 years and all finishes excluding *oil rubbed bronze to be free from defect in material and workmanship for 100 years.