About All In One Septic Systems & Plumbing Service in Laramie, WY

In 2003 Buddy and Elisa Crater opened the doors of All In One Septic Systems & Plumbing Service in Laramie, WY as a family owned and operated company.

We understand that plumbing is one of the unsung heroes of your home. All In One Septic Systems & Plumbing Service was created with you in mind. We are a one-stop-shop with a complete service offering to protect your whole house plumbing system, keeping you and your family healthy. We use high quality parts and plumbing fixtures to exceed your expectations.

New construction, installation, repair, replacement - No matter what your septic or plumbing needs are - rely on All In One Septic Systems & Plumbing Service to provide high quality professional services.

Our Business Philosophy

Our goal is to provide prompt, friendly, quality septic and plumbing service to our customers in the city of Laramie and Albany County; and to build a reputation as being honest and committed to customer satisfaction.

We will help our professionals develop mastery of their skills. Our career plumbers and customer service agents will achieve their highest potential through interactive and comprehensive training.

Your home means as much to us as it does to you. Our professional plumbers will arrive in clean company uniforms and drive company vehicles prominently displaying our logo. We will treat your property with respect by wearing shoe covers in your home and placing protective floor coverings, such as rugs in work areas. Our professionals will clean their work area making sure not to leave you a mess, at no extra cost.

We will present you with a precise price from our uniform pricing guide BEFORE we start any work so you will always know exactly what to expect. You will have options and work will only proceed with your authorization. We will only perform the needed work and never give you any surprises.

After every visit we will make a quality assurance call to you to ensure you are completely satisfied with the service you received. This means you will have an opportunity to share your experience with a customer service agent, a real person who cares, not a recording with options to choose.

Buddy and Elisa Crater along with their team of caring and knowledgeable professionals aspire to be the best!





Buddy Crater


Human connection - the most satisfying part of my business and career. Being invited into treasured homes and prized businesses to keep infrastructure performing to protect public health and safety is my passion. Once accused of having magical plumbing powers, I chose the magician name "Buddy the Boss of Whiz-bang Wizardry". The geographically furthest I have taken my plumbing skills is San José, Costa Rica, Central America. However the heights and depth of my knowledge will never be complete. I approach each day curious to discover what I will learn and do. I am happiest spending time with family. My wife and I are stalwart advocates of spirited, spur-of-the-moment, compulsory family outings.


Keith Menzel


Born and raised in Minnesota, I can't help but pronounce a few words in a way that makes people laugh. Fishing, grandfather, fishing with grandfather, and grandfather - when I'm happiest, my hero, my favorite memory and now my favorite title. I see a pattern here. Family is very important to Keith, and to say he treats his customers like family is no lie. He will explain your system thoroughly, and help you manage your plumbing and septic systems so you can spend time with your family instead of working on the "To-Do" list.

Andrew Ortegon


My friends call me "Orto." I'm a plumber because I like to solve problems. Finding out more, setting a course for a solution by design and not by default is the kind of success I seek. Born and raised in Laramie, I value my community and am thankful for my upbringing. I know that you learn the most when you’re out on the edge; I once drank milk a week past its expiration date. My friends are my family and only if vigorously forced I would sing "Eye of The Tiger" at Karaoke night.




Chris Bowers


As I grow-up I want to recognize and seize opportunities, for myself, my wife, my customers, and my employer. In this moment I am fixated on getting the things I want. #1 on that list is working and pursuing a career in a field that is needed, #2 is achieving that feeling of accomplishment when a project is completed and works correctly. My favorite time is spent with my wife and watching football; my rewards for moving to a new town and creating a new future.

Matt Lehnen


I have made a life of doing unthinkable work, truck driver, heli-logging, oil field, construction, septic tech, plumbing; my experiences and exploits are the stuff of legend. Through it all I have never underestimated the importance of showing up early, staying late, being nice and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with my team to get a job done. This attitude has rewarded me with a life of amazing symmetry and fuels my passion to do work I love - where I can solve problems, prevent future issues and meet people. I am originally from Montana, where I learned the art of gold prospecting and hunting for shed horns. Never been accused of having the guts of a guppy. I've jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, twice. And I appreciate the attitude of Tallahassee from the movie Zombieland.


Pat Atencio


I have been plumbing for 5 years in Colorado and Wyoming and I love all of it. I am fortunate to align my skills, education, and personality with a career that is rewarding and allows me to take care of my family. While my job is fulfilling, my greatest joy comes from spending time fishing with my dad and my kids.